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2013 draft noise

Posted on: April 21, 2012 10:46 am
1st Round pick:
Trent Richardson is a rare talent. This is LaDainian Tomlinson and Adrian Peterson talent.
Don't be confused, I'm not pulling for him to be our 6th pick. With SJ being 29 and really close to the wall, I wouldn't hate this pick. But it certainly isn't my preference.

Claiborne has Patrick Peterson talent? The hell he does. I won't argue that he isn't excellent and he wouldn't be a bad pick at 6 for us. But no way in hell do I compare him to Patrick Peterson who has elite coverage AND return abilities. Another that wouldn't bother me if we take him at 6.

I believe someone suggested that RB was Tampa Bay's biggest need. Are ya nuts? They overpaid and signed one of the most overrated FA CB's away from Detroit and I'd bet Detroit is thankful. Tampa's biggest need by far is CB. Claiborne has to be on top of their list. For that reason I highly doubt he's still around @6 for us to argue about.

I'm pretty sure everyone knows I'm fond of Justin Blackmon. I was hoping he came out a year sooner so we could take him mid 1st round last year.
the only knock on him is a DUI, not DWI I'll point out. The kid has huge hands, Good enough size, good speed and runs good routes. He's a playmaker and as far as I'm concerned the best WR in this draft. The problem is that Fisher and the front office seem to have zero love for Blackmon so I doubt he'll be drafted by us.
Michael Floyd got in a bar fight after someone called him a mean name. He cleaned it up his senior year and stayed clear of trouble, so like Blackmon I'm not overly concerned about either guys character. I think both made youthful mistakes.

here's how I see the 1st 5 picks going:

1. Indy - QB- Andrew Luck    
2. Washington - QB - Robert Griffen
3. Minnesota - -OT Matt Kalil
4. Cleveland - RB - Trent Richardson
5. Tampa Bay - CB - Maurice Claiborne

That leaves us with Blackmon @6 and being that I don't believe Fisher wants him we trade down.

For some reason, Scott Pioli seems stupid to me. I have a sneaking feeling that KC will want to move up.
I think they have bought into the Tannehill hype. The kid has no business being drafted in the 1st round, but it will happen.
KC also has a big need for DT. Dontari Poe and his monster combine performance will be appealing. IMO, he's another Albert Haynesworth in the making. Tons of talent but only shows up when it's convenient.

We trade the 6th plus our 6th round pick to KC for #11, 43 and their 5th round pick.  

Now we have:

1. 11
2. 33
3. 65
4. 96
5. 146
7. 209

With what we have, here are my projections:
1.11 WR Michael Floyd, ND     
We NEED a #1 WR so Sam has someone reliable to throw to. I kinda think that Stephen Hill has a bigger upside and more potential to be an absolute beast, but 11 is way to early for Hill. Kendal Wright is a slot receiver. He has inconsistent hands and has a high body fat index for a WR and 11 would be a round to early for him. Reuben Randle? An LSU WR? Hll freakin no. When was the last time one of them panned out at this level? He's a reach in the second round. Finally, Alshon Jeffrey? It's way to early for him. In the bowlgame he reminded me of Mike Williams. Add to that how many Spurrier WR's have gotten to the NFL level and have proved to be elite? NONE that I can think of. Plenty decent ones, but none worthy of the 11th pick.

2.33 WLB
Lavonte David,NU
There are 2 4-3 OLB's worthy of a 1st or second round pick. Those are
Zach Brown and Lavonte David. Zach Brown has the size, but he hasn't impressed me one bit in any of the post senior season workouts. If Lavonte had Brown's size he'd be a top 10 to 15 pick. Aside from CB, Tampa Bay's next biggest need is OLB and they know David would be a monster WLB in their system. David fits fisher's wide 9 4-3 just fine. He's my pick here, because we need OLB's and he is worthy of this pick. Yes, I know this pick will be scrutinized... until the season starts.

2.39 DT
Kendall Reyes, UCONN
Devon Still would be my second overall DT choice behind Fletcher Cox. Still was IMO the most consistent DT through last season. He stops the run and penetrates the pocket. Michael Brockers was awesome against Alabama but had a habit of disappearing at time during the season, I just don't care for his consistency. Dontari Poe had a monster combine but rarely showed that talent on the field, he's a Haynesworth to thanks. None of that really matters because I highly doubt any of them are still available this late.
Of the deep class of DT's left:
Jerel Worthy and Kendall Reyes stand out as potential starters for us and worthy of a second round pick. Either one works for me @39.

2.44 RT Bobbie Massie, Miss
I recently read an article that
Jason Smith is being given a clean slate, a fresh start by Fisher and thet he is our RT. I nearly threw up. 
Bobbie Massie is a 3 year startin SEC mauler,Bama recruited him and he shose Mississippi.  Don't confuse him as a potential left tackle because it will never happen. He has size, long arms, and a mean streak. He'd beat out Jason Smith on the first day of camp and never be noticed during games accept when he is pancaking a defender. 
3.65 CB Jermaine Johnson, Montana
Size, speed and ballskills to be the #2 CB behind
Cortland Finnegan(our #1 CB which some people seem to be forgetting)
4.96 RB
Robert Turbin, Utah St.
He's one of those sneaky maulers that gets found in the late rounds and ends up being a starter. He has
Arian Foster written all over him. Nobody talks about the kid, check him out for yourselves.

5.146 P
Bryan Anger, Cal
I do believe that Donnie Jones is no longer on the
Rams roster. If we're going to play smashmouth ballcontrol football we need a good punter and Anger is the best coming out of college.

7. 209 FB Cody Johnson, Tex
We need a quality FB for this offense. This kid has the size to get the job done blocking with the bonus of some short yardage ball skills. The kid had THIRTY FIVE TD's in college. He'd be a reliable short yardage goalline weapon.

With less than a week, that's my draft.     
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